The Island

Aruba is one of the most luxerious Islands in the Carribean, offering first of all beautiful weather the whole year long, white sandy beaches and all kind of adventures, watersports, attractions and restaurants. Aruba is a safe and happy Island, far away from terrorist threats and other dangers of this world, and people also speak English. For more information about Aruba we would strongly recommend you to have a look at

Beautiful places to scuby dive and sail

High Rise beach

This picture is giving you a good impression of the High Rise Area.

Beautiful places to dive

Aruba offers you a number of places for (scuby) diving from the beach or from a boat.

Tierra del Sol

This resort offers you a 18 hole golf course as well as beautiful houses.

California Lighting House

One of the sight seeing places you definitely have to visit.

Aruba wild nature

This overview is giving you a good impression of how the Island originally looked like.

Another overview

In the background you can see the California Lighting House and Tierra del Sol.


Aruba offers you a great number of adventure tours by jeep, bus or boat.

Church at Alto Vista

A beautiful small church which is of historical value.

The natural bridge collapsed

This bridge used to be a sight seeing attraction. Recently however the bridge collapsed unfortunately.

Rough Side of Aruba

This side is another side of Aruba. It shows wild waves and a beautiful side of nature


These are the ruins of an old Dutch fortress built in the colonial age.


In Oranjestad harbours sailing boats as well as huge cruise ships.